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"Very good software to help create our own scripts.  Tutorials are a booster to (help) learn."

"Best product I ever bought in marketplace. Tried the free version and made some silly mistakes... Got frustrated and wrote an email to Antonius sending him my model files. Though I hadn't bought the professional licence he replied within 2 hours....telling me which little mistakes I made... Really outstanding service. I can recommend this product to all - regardless of your level of scripting.  I think I found the right tool to bring my fantasies of animation in SL to life."

"Fantastic tool... I bought MOAB as I just could not understand how script flow works by just looking at other people's scripts. MOAB really does the business in leading you ... by using graphic symbols that are easily understood. This program is well worth the lindens paid out for it... MOAB comes with its own exercises that are easy to follow & there is a tutorial page explaining every part. Get it, try it you will love it."

"As a programmer from 30 years ago, I couldn’t quite get a handle on LSL structure and syntax. I saw MOAB advertised and grabbed it. ... MOAB is truly brilliant in how it works, and the ease of use. Antonius is a nice fellow and will always answer any queries you may have. ...The price is great value for what you get, you get more than what you see. "

"Damn I wish this had been around when I started scripting all those years ago! This thing is just, to be blunt, bloody brilliant. ... Worth every L$ in my opinion. New to scripting or even a professional scripter, this tool is just what we have been waiting for."

"I love this tool. MiceOnABeam is awesome. I have been trying hard to learn scripting and having a hard time. Then I found this... The best 3000L I ever spent. I haven't stopped using it since I got it... Making script after script just to see how it works."

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Scripting Tools & Components for the Second Life® World

* Latest Release: Version 1.0.5  Download Now! *

New to Scripting? Try the MiceOnABeam Visual Scripting Tool!

      Draw your scripts graphically and have MiceOnABeam generate most
      of the LSL code for you!
Learn More!    *Free Download*   See Demo!

Graphical Modeling

Confused by all the LSL function calls?

       The LSL Action Wizard provides easy form-based access to many
       functions and shows the generated code too. Great for learning LSL!

LSL Action Wizard

Powerful Built-In LSL Code Editor:

MiceOnABeam provides a comprehensive code editor to enter in LSL event-handling code at various points in the model, including features such as Syntax Color Highlighting, Code Completion, Hover Tooltips and more! It also verifies all syntax and type checks variable assignments and function calls, directly showing the statements containing any errors.

LSL Code Editor

For the Expert Too:

* Manage complexity with Composite States and Group Transitions!
* Comprehensive support for reusable and configurable components
* Measure and report script execution times of model components automatically
   with Performance Analysis in the Professional Version!