MiceOnABeam Visual Scripting Tool Reviews

"Very good software to help create our own scripts. Tutorials are a booster to (help) learn."

- Lys Seriman

"Best product I ever bought in the marketplace.  I had some experience in writing flow charts years ago in Basic but not in LSL. Tried the free version and made some silly mistakes - so I just tried to remake the example in the tutorial video - didn't work as well. Got frustrated and wrote an email to Antonius sending him my model files of the tutorial version and my little own script too.

Even though I hadn't bought the professional licence he replied within 2 hours....telling me which little mistakes I made and even sent me back my files where he eliminated my mistakes. Really outstanding service and thx a lot...and now.... I only can recommend this product to all - regardless of your level of scripting.  I think I found the right tool to bring my fantasies of animation in SL to life."

- zweistein

 "Fantastic tool. I bought MOAB as I just could not understand how script flow works by just looking at other people's scripts. MOAB really does the business in leading you to good script flow in by using graphic symbols that are easily understood.

This program is well worth the lindens paid out for it and I do not say that about everything I buy on SL. At the end you will be able to read your script in type written form with good explanations in each module you make using the the graphics interface.

MOAB comes with its own exercises that are easy to follow & there is a tutorial page explaining every part.

Get it, try it you will love it."

- Paul54 Roffo

"As a programmer and reader from 30 years ago, I couldn’t quite get a handle on LSL structure and syntax. I saw MOAB advertised and grabbed it. Although I have yet to produce a marketable script, MOAB is truly brilliant in how it works, and the ease of use. Antonius is a nice fellow and will always answer any queries you may have. The only thing wrong with MOAB is that it has totally engrossed me and is now the focus of my attention rather than Second Life itself. I spend more time screwing around with MOAB that poor old SL has been allocated a back seat and seemingly testing purposes only, lol. The price is great value for what you get, you get more than what you see. But be careful designing your models, Antonius doesn’t like messy stuff, lmao. (kidding)"

- Pilot McBride Ref

"Ok so took me this long to write a review. I got this about a month ago, has some quirks felt like a noob not understanding it, but I kept at it and it's an awesome tool. I'm only creating landmark givers on touch collision menus and little stuff sort of what you find all over sl, but I made these ones. :)) But this is really good, it's fun and I'm always learning. 5 stars is a must. Keep up the good work Antonius"

- martin Glom

"Felt like a newbie for a few days. I can script by hand but this just makes it so much easier. Very nice work Antonius."

- QueBall Shan

"Hi, I have been in SL for quite a few years now and my main interest has been Building. I have dabbled in scripting but up until now I have found it quite a chore and have been dependant upon friends and others to get the required scripts. Creating scripts with this application is a little like building. You put the blocks together, and if you are lucky it all looks good, and works. You may have to go back and re-arrange things to get it just right but thats simple enough. Its not all, that easy though, so dont think you will be independant of script writers overnight. A basic knowledge of scripting is essential to give you a good start with MOAB. There is a growing group of users, and the website is getting bigger by the day as more and more stuff gets added. As far as price is concerned I feel its worth much more than it is sold for. It must have taken ages to create and I take my hat off to Antonius. The only thing lacking in my opinion is some more basic tutorials, just to get people going. The ones that are available at the moment, although expertly produced and annotated, are pitched perhaps a little too high for the newcomer. Some simple examples showing basic functions are what is needed. I wouldnt be suprised if he was making some allready.....Anyway, to sum it up. Well worth the money. And dont forget, there are no charges for uploading scripts! unlike textures and meshes...No wonder all the script writers are rich....*winks*"

- Ostard Zheng

"If you have always wanted to learn to script on Second Life or you have purchased one of those cheap and nasty freebie packs, then delete them now. A new product is available which can virtually create any LSL Script for you…the way YOU want it to. From simple to very complex and professional. (It's called) MiceOnABeam. Damn I wish this had been around when I started scripting all those years ago! This thing is just, to be blunt, bloody brilliant. Of course that is my own opinion tho :) You can get a free version to test from their website and purchase the licence on the Marketplace for 3000L$ when you are ready to move to the full version. A great price for such a versatile product. Worth every L$ in my opinion. New to scripting or even a professional scripter, this tool is just what we have been waiting for :)"

- geemix Newall  http://geemix.com/

"I love this tool. MiceOnABeam is awesome. I have been trying hard to learn scripting and having a hard time. Then I found this... The best 3000L I ever spent. I haven't stopped using it since I got it... Making script after script just to see how it works. My only concern was not alot of tutorials on it... But its so easy you can still pick it up pretty quick..."

- Tyran Shinn

"Thanks for a great product. I'm mostly a notepad coder, and that won't ever change, but it's nice to have a visual outline of the logic flow going on. Sure, there are plenty of mindmap/flowchart apps out there, but none which have LSL compatibility built-in. This has saved me a lot of time spent doodling on spiral notebooks."

- Raven Snowfall

"FANTASTIC SOFTWARE. Well, my English is very bad and my LSL is very very very bad. But with MiceOnABeam I do my first script and is working perfectly... And thanks to MiceOnABeam I can say today "My English is very very very bad like u can see lol, but my LSL is good and is better every time" Thanks MOAB!!!"

- Arielmo Rau

"Brilliant!! What can I say? This software is genial. I just have a vague idea of how LSL works, but in no time, with the MiceOnABeam tool and with the precious hints of the builder (very kind and patient), I was able to create a script for a dancefloor I'm building, and now I want to learn more about scripting. Kudos!"

- hemPot Coba

"Amazing Product! I have never been so excited to learn LSL. I downloaded the demo version from the site and tried it. Within a day I was so amazed with the product I had to have the professional version. I could never imagine scripting could be so easy to understand. I definitely give this product five stars. Definitely worth more than I paid for it."

- Lucy Lighthouse

"A great start to what looks like a promising project! The online documentation is excellent, as is the support. I look forward to a growing community of scripters trying out the modelling approach with LSL. This approach does have a learning curve, but if you have managed to learn LSL and want to take things to another level, then try it out (free demo available). L$3000 is a small contribution towards all the hard work Antonius Frentis has obviously put in."

- FredBoggAndHisSiberianMeasle Loon