Model Library

Various modeling components are included here which show how MiceOnABeam can be used to construct LSL scripts. These models were created for illustrative purposes, however they can be configured/customized and incorporated into your own script models if desired.

The files can be downloaded and simply opened from the File menu. Alternatively after downloading they can be stored within the Library folder of your MiceOnABeam user directory. They can then be accessed and their descriptions viewed via the Component Library Browser from within MiceOnABeam.

To use a component:

  1. Click and drag it from the Component Library Browser into a State Editor;
  2. Configure the main state (right-click and select Configure Component) and set it's variables to the desired values;
  3. Then connect it to other modeling elements within your script model as required.

Note that some of the components may have been included as part of the MiceOnABeam installation within the Examples directory or as part of the component library. However the ones included here represent their latest versions.

The components and examples are provided free of charge and without warranty of any kind. You are free to modify and redistribute them as long as you retain the original author's copyright information (if any).

Each model's download link indicates the version of MiceOnABeam in which it was created. Models are always upwards compatible with later MiceOnABeam releases unless otherwise indicated.

  • Advanced Models

    More specialized or advanced modeling components are included here.

  • Animation

    Modeling components for animating an avatar.

  • Communication

    Modeling components for interacting with a script via chat or menu are included here.

  • Elevators

    Elevator models can be found here.

  • Events

    These modeling components can be used to have your script respond to several standard event types.

  • Inventory

    Contains various models that interact with a prim's inventory.

  • Misc Examples

    Various basic model examples are included here which illustrate how MiceOnABeam can be used to construct simple LSL scripts.

  • Motion

    Modeling components related to the movement of avatars and objects can be found here.

  • Online Tutorial Model

    Models for the Tutorial in the MiceOnABeam product documentation.

  • Templates

    Component Templates

  • Community Library

    Models in this library have been submitted by other users to share with the MiceOnABeam community.

  • Video Models

    Models associated with the various video tutorials are provided here.