Slide Any Rotated Prim In Any Direction

This flexible script will slide any rotated prim in any direction! Use the script and your imagination to add novel motions to your creations!

Great for creating anything that slides to an opened/closed position. Now you can easily add a sliding motion to simple objects such as cage doors, gates, a simple lift, funicular railway, etc. Can slide linked multiprim builds too!


- Works at ANY rotation. Can be linked or unlinked!
- Fully configurable slide direction & distance;
- Can slide multi-prim builds!
- Automatic close after configurable timeout;
- Lock/Unlock the prim in the closed or opened position;
- Chat or link message command interface to control prim;
- Synchronize the sliding of multiple prims;
- Optional sounds on open & close at start & end of movement;
- Optional chat message on slide open;
- Access can be optionally limited to owner only;
- Disable all error or status messages;
- All easily configured via notecard also including speed, smoothness & command channel;
- Options can also be configured on-the-fly via link message!
- Sequential slides using link messages;
- Save & restore prim's position;
- *NEW* Optional looping of opening & closing sounds for duration of the slide!

Available for purchase in Transfer and Copy/Transfer (Builder) versions on the Second Life Marketplace