MOAB Universal Components Reviews

MOAB Universal Slider

"I bought this script not long ago. After some initial testing/playing around with it, I must say, this is a very nice tool. One can build very cool things with this script, and it is just perfect for people like me, who can't script at all. Also considering the ease of use and the very fair price for this commercial version, I rate this product 5 stars."

- DixonHill Hawker

"Already tried some other scripts but this one is really the best...easy to understand and a lot of explanations on notecard - now only using this one."

- zweistein

MOAB Universal Rotator

"I really got mad with my old door scripts but this one solved all my problems. And I had no problems to understand how the script works even though I have no scripting knowledge at all. Good work! Thumbs up!"

- Kristina Simon

"Awesome script , and very good customer service! I have this and a beta of the new multi prim link script as well. Both work very good and was glad to be the first to test the new beta out as well. Antonius offers one of the best customer service I've seen in a long time, getting back to you quickly and was very helpful with all questions that I had dealing with swinging, opening & so on. For builds one of the best scripts seen in a long time. Thanks!"

- Nazirah Ansar

"Best little door script I've ever used. I have been totally frustrated with doors that hinged from the middle rather than opening properly on the edge like a hinged door, burying the corner of the door into the jam. I build doors and like to sell a packaged door with jam, panels, and molding. Hated the way the scripts for linked doors moved them. And arched doors looked hideous. This script makes a hinge work like a hinge and solved all of that. Great script and worth every penny I paid for it. Does all it claims to do! It's a must have for a builder with an eye for style and detail. Easy to use. . does not require scripting knowledge to customize."

- William Wilcox

"Perfect! Bought first the cheapest version to know if its worth the money. Gives you a lot more options than other scripts do and easy to understand the settings as well. So finally after buying both the rotator and the slider script, I don't use any other of the many door scripts. ...For me it's the perfect tool for every kind of rotating movement."

- zweistein