HUD for Centralized Control of MOAB Universal Doors

Control all MOAB Universal All-In-One Doors on a single sim! Open/close, lock/unlock or reset any door from your convenient HUD. Easily visit each door on the sim by successively teleporting to each door from your HUD menu!

Purchase of the server includes free updates for the server and MOAB Universal Door & Role Play scripts!!!


  • Controls a Set of MOAB Universal Doors* On a Single Sim;
  • Open, Close, Lock, Unlock, or Reset Any Single Door Or All Doors;
  • Works as a HUD or Standalone
  • Centralized Access List
  • Centralized Update of Door Scripts
  • Free script updates for server & doors!
  • Menu-Based Commands
  • Group Based Server Security;
  • Supports Secondary HUD Servers;
  • Free Updates!

* Sold separately

Available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace