MiceOnABeam Huh?

(a.k.a.) Eh? Say What?

Ok, so  it's a weird name for a website and product.  It's actually a rough transliteration into English of the French term, Mise en abyme, that nicely captures the recursive nature of some of the advanced modeling concepts of the product.

More importantly, why develop the product?

When I was first introduced to Second Life, I was in awe of the incredible power that the platform provides it's members in order to develop content for it's virtual world. Unlike some other online worlds, SL provides the ability to program sophisticated behavior for the things that you can create in the world.

However this capability comes at a cost- the average newcomer to SL does not have programming experience and has great difficulty understanding and using SL's scripting language, LSL.

In addition, having a background in real-time software development, I was happy to see that LSL incorporated a state machine paradigm and event-driven run-time system. Unfortunately I quickly realized how few of the capabilities of modern state machine design were actually offered.

So what if there was a visual modeling and code generation tool that was developed and customized especially for LSL for use in Second Life and OpenSim based virtual worlds?

Users new to LSL scripting might just find they could participate more fully in these worlds, and more experienced content developers could obtain the benefits of advanced modeling techniques for their more complex designs.

The net effect might be to bring content development to a wider audience and to enable Second Life and OpenSim based worlds to better compete in the burgeoning virtual world industry.

I hope you find MiceOnABeam a welcome addition to the metaverse!

Antonius Frentis