LSL Action Wizard

While the graphical modeling feature of MiceOnABeam lets you draw out much of the logic of your script, you still have to make things happen within your virtual world. You do that by calling one or more functions in your code from the large LSL function library.

But for new scripters these functions can be confusing as to when to use them and how to configure their many parameters.

MiceOnABeam addresses this and further reduces the amount of LSL code that you must manually write by providing the LSL Action Wizard feature.

An LSL Action represents a simple or complex operation that can be performed in your virtual world. A comprehensive set of these are built-in to MiceOnABeam, with more to come in future releases.

Once an LSL Action is selected, it is customized through the Wizard and is automatically mapped to a set of LSL coding statements when the LSL script is generated for the model.

You can also view the LSL code that will be generated for the configured action. This is a great help in learning LSL.

In the Professional version of MiceOnABeam you can also create and edit your own custom LSL Actions and import them into MiceOnABeam creating a library of custom code snippets to speed up your script development.