Graphically design your Second Life® scripts, and have the MiceOnABeam program automatically generate most of the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) programming code for you.

MiceOnABeam simplifies the development of new scripts by reducing the amount of manual coding you have to do.  If you are new to LSL scripting, you'll find that by using just a few basic features of MiceOnABeam, developing your scripts will be much easier.

However MiceOnABeam also provides advanced capabilities¹ for the experienced LSL scripter as well that will prove invaluable in the development of complex scripts, including Composite States and Performance Analysis²!

To create your script in MiceOnABeam you choose among graphical modeling components to specify the program flow of your script in terms of states and the events that occur in your world that transition between the states.

To specify what happens when an event occurs you can then use the built-in LSL Actions and the LSL Action Wizard or insert your own LSL code directly.

The program then generates the LSL code for the model to form a complete script for the SL® or OpenSim based virtual worlds.


¹ MiceOnABeam uses a subset of the state machine features of the industry-standard UML® (Unified Modeling Language

² Performance Analysis feature is only available in the Professional version of MiceOnABeam.