Code Editor

MiceOnABeam provides a comprehensive built-in code editor to enter in LSL event-handling code at various points in the model. It includes a code checker which checks syntax and type checks variable assignments and function calls, directly showing the statements containing errors.

In addition, the built-in Code Editor provides keyword completion for LSL functions and constants.


However as there are several very good code editors for LSL on the market, (see Alternate Editors), MiceOnABeam can also be configured to  invoke an external editor of your choice. In this way, individual code segments within the model can be automatically sent to an external program for editing, and then returned and saved within the model.


While LSL errors are flagged inline whenever a Code Editor is saved, the entire model is also re-checked upon generating the LSL code and a summary of outstanding LSL errors are listed in the Code Generation Errors dialog.

From here you can select an error and go directly to the corresponding component's Code Editor which will display the error message right at the point in the LSL code where the error was found.